“The people who run this company and the team they employ are a godsend! My elderly mom had shown signs of deteriorating health including only being able to move around with a walker. It was critical to our family that she stayed strong and learned how to use her muscles again. But, who would we trust to work that closely with our Mom? And because, she had difficulties with mobility who would we trust to be alone in her home with her? Traveling Physical Therapists came very highly recommended so, I called to “interview” them. I immediately felt at ease with Danny and then Connie. The fact that this was a family business who had experienced elderly care in their own lives made it more personal. The result: TPT could provide both a clinical approach to my mother’s health plan and a trusting, personal approach by offering such a sense of compassion and humanity. I knew they would be the right people to entrust with my Mom’s care. Connie and I went to work so that we could get this started immediately. She helped me work through the insurance and when I asked her if I could meet the therapists before I chose a specific one for mom to see how they interacted she said that would not be a problem. Never did I feel anything was “force fitted”. It was so personal. Working with Connie felt like I was talking to a trusted relative (who was a lot more experienced in this type of care than I was). I also think it is important to say that when my Mom requested an earlier time slot for care and we had to make that change, Connie was right on it! She is super responsive and helpful no matter the issue. She does not check out the minute you sign on but is available any time you need her (again a reflection on the excellent service). We were able to find a wonderful PT and OT. I can not imagine my Mom’s life without the help of these ladies.

Her OT, Lauren is an angel. She is so good at what she does and is so loving. She goes above and beyond in her care of her patients. She helps my Mom with all of her daily routines so that she can continue to do the maximum amount of things for herself independently whether it is to get in and out of her bed or to take a shower. She is also a compassionate listener and confidante to my Mom. She gives wonderful follow-up to the family member overseeing the care. She and I talk every week about my Mom’s progress and things we think she needs to work on. She also makes movement fun. As an example, my mother has severe arthritis which makes it difficult to close her hands and grab things. Lauren had her roll dough and they baked cookies together. My mother loved this! It was practical but fun. My mother adores Lauren and eagerly awaits her visits each week. I was so touched to have a conversation with my Mom when she told me she bought a little personal gift for Lauren and wanted to know if I thought she (Lauren) would like it. This is the type of relationships TPT’s team builds from the first phone call you make to them. Her PT Nicole is also a very kind, loving person. She also helped get my mom active to strengthen her muscles while listening to and sharing family stories together.”

“For an elderly person, their surroundings become safe and familiar so it is far more valuable to have the therapists in the home so they can see how the patients function and to show them how to do things in their environment not a clinical/facility environment. I love TPT so much and highly recommend it for helping you with your elderly parent/relative. This type of care and improvement in the quality of your parent’s life is priceless.”

“I had no problem having a therapist come into my home. My mother lives in an apartment adjoining my home, and having ” The Traveling Therapist ” is a tremendous time saver and is so very convenient. My mother is not too mobile, so having The Traveling Physical Therapist come to our home is so much easier than bringing her to a clinic. My mother also feels much more comfortable in her own place rather than a clinic. Dr. Bon is a terrific therapist with a lot of patience. I highly recommend The Traveling Physical Therapist.!”

“Thank you to Connie, Danny, Lauren & Nicole. Keep up the great work! We love you!”

– Rosanna & Anita (Mom)