As you get older, have you become more nervous about falling? The Traveling Physical Therapist offers fall prevention therapy northport. Falling is no joke and could lead to further injuries. The fear of falling could scare people from doing activities they used to participate in daily. Physical therapy is a great way to help prevent falls. 

Fall Prevention Evaluation

Fall Prevention Therapy Northport

At The Traveling Physical Therapist, multiple tests can be performed when evaluating a patient for fall prevention services. Some of these tests may include:

  • Strength testing
  • Flexibility testing
  • Health history
  • Walking patterns
  • Sight and hearing screenings

Results from these tests can help the therapist determine what treatment will be best for the patient. 

Tips For Fall Prevention

Listed below are strategies for fall prevention:

  • Stay moving and active
  • Wear sensible shoes
  • Remove tripping hazards from areas you are in
  • Use devices to assist you
  • Keep your home light so you have better vision when walking around

Implementing these strategies can decrease your chances of experiencing bad falls. 

Increase Risk of Falling

As people age, their risk of falls increases. There are certain things other than age that could also lead to falls. This could include certain medications, weak lower body, poor vision, improper footwear and foot pains, and vitamin D deficiency. If you are nervous about falling or have any of these risk factors, you should book an appointment with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider can evaluate your risk factors and create a plan for you. Physical therapy is a great way to strengthen the lower body and help those regain balance. Physical therapists will give personal treatment to patients depending on their specific needs. 

Contact Us For Fall Prevention Therapy Northport

The Traveling Physical Therapist, a fall prevention therapist in Northport, has extensive experience helping patients decrease their risk of falling. Our physical therapists take the time to get to know our patients and their needs so we can create the best action plan for them. Falling is scary and could lead to more serious injuries, so it is important to prevent it as much as possible. If you are interested in fall prevention services, request an appointment with The Traveling Physical Therapist by visiting our website.