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​Welcome to the website of your in-home PT, The Traveling Physical Therapist! After working within a broken system of talented PTs seeing too many patients and having unlicensed aides performing tasks well outside of the legal limitations, we decided to take a stand against what is an impossible setting to truly assist patients- and break out into a private in-home, one-on-one practice to best bring the people in our community back to their prior level of function and awesomeness! Your In-Home Physical Therapist Serving Long Island and Surrounding Communities. Contact us today to learn more about Fall Prevention Therapy Northport, New York today!

Meet Dr. Daniel Davids PT DPT

Dr. Daniel Davids PT DPT grew up in Queens, NY with a knack for communicating with others. He loved to listen and learn about his friends, family, and community members. These social skills led him to choose a career path in teaching health education. Daniel attended SUNY Cortland to receive his Bachelors in Health Science Education. While in Cortland, he also fed another yearning: He became a professional wrestler! Like the other sports entertainers seen on TV, Daniel was able to perform his trade in front of thousands of fans. While touring the Northeast and maintaining his studies, Daniel became enthralled with fitness, specifically how it related to anatomy and physiology.

Daniel was granted the Ross L. Allen Award for his administrative leadership potential, academic excellence, and qualities of warmth, sincerity, and “joie de vivre” or “love of life.” Throughout his studies in Cortland, before his undergraduate studies came to an end, Daniel met & married Laura, a beautiful woman who lived just two blocks away from him and with whom he had gone to elementary and middle school. Daniel watched as his grandmother suffered a fall that landed her in an ER before getting a hip replacement. When she returned home, she was told to go to a PT clinic- which she declined as she wasn’t comfortable leaving the home so soon after falling. Because there were no other services available, she made do at home…until she didn’t. She had ANOTHER fall, and this one landed her back in the ER and eventually into a rehab/nursing home. Sadly, she never made it back out.

This had such a profound impact that Daniel applied to Stony Brook University’s Physical Therapy doctoral program and was even elected class president. Once graduated, he started The Traveling Physical Therapist, an in-home Medicare-covered Physical Therapy service providing care throughout New York. He never wanted anyone to have to suffer a similar fate that his grandmother did. In fact, in 2019, Dr. Davids started a program called the “400 Fewer Falls Initiative” where he sought to reduce the fall risk of 400 seniors through education, service, and equipment at low or no cost to them. When Daniel is not treating and doing workshops, he enjoys writing, shooting video, physical fitness, listening to and reading non-fiction, and playing with his two young children, Zack and Charlotte.

What Are Some Fall Prevention Interventions?

As you get older, have you become more nervous about falling? The Traveling Physical Therapist offers fall prevention therapy northport. Falling is no joke and could lead to further injuries. The fear of falling could scare people from doing activities they used to participate in daily. Physical therapy is a great way to help prevent falls.


Fall Prevention Evaluation


Fall Prevention Therapy Northport

At The Traveling Physical Therapist, multiple tests can be performed when evaluating a patient for fall prevention services. Some of these tests may include:


    • Strength testing
    • Flexibility testing
    • Health history
    • Walking patterns
    • Sight and hearing screenings

Results from these tests can help the therapist determine what treatment will be best for the patient.


Tips For Fall Prevention

Listed below are strategies for fall prevention:


    • Stay moving and active
    • Wear sensible shoes
    • Remove tripping hazards from areas you are in
    • Use devices to assist you
    • Keep your home light so you have better vision when walking around

Implementing these strategies can decrease your chances of experiencing bad falls.


Increase Risk of Falling

As people age, their risk of falls increases. There are certain things other than age that could also lead to falls. This could include certain medications, weak lower body, poor vision, improper footwear and foot pains, and vitamin D deficiency. If you are nervous about falling or have any of these risk factors, you should book an appointment with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider can evaluate your risk factors and create a plan for you. Physical therapy is a great way to strengthen the lower body and help those regain balance. Physical therapists will give personal treatment to patients depending on their specific needs.

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The Traveling Physical Therapist, a fall prevention therapist in Northport, has extensive experience helping patients decrease their risk of falling. Our physical therapists take the time to get to know our patients and their needs so we can create the best action plan for them. Falling is scary and could lead to more serious injuries, so it is important to prevent it as much as possible. If you are interested in fall prevention services, request an appointment with The Traveling Physical Therapist by visiting our website.

Falls and Fractures in Older Adults

Falls are a significant concern, especially for older adults, as they can lead to serious injuries and decreased independence. The Traveling Physical Therapist specializes in fall prevention physical therapy in Commack, offering comprehensive solutions to help individuals maintain their balance, strength, and overall mobility.

Understanding the Importance of Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Therapy NorthportFalls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among adults aged 65 and older. Every year, one in four older adults experiences a fall, but less than half report it to their doctor. Falls can result in broken bones, head injuries, and even long-term disability. By focusing on fall prevention, we can reduce these risks and enhance the quality of life for older adults.

Benefits of Fall Prevention Physical Therapy

Engaging in fall prevention physical therapy with The Traveling Physical Therapist provides numerous benefits. Here are some key advantages:

  • Improved Balance
  • Increased Strength
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Confidence Building
  • Personalized Care

Effective Fall Prevention Strategies

When you choose fall prevention physical therapy in Commack, you can expect a thorough approach to reducing your fall risk. Here are some effective strategies used in our programs:

  • Balance Training: Exercises that focus on improving balance and coordination, such as standing on one foot or using a balance board.
  • Strength Training: Targeted exercises to build muscle strength, particularly in the legs and core, which are essential for maintaining stability.
  • Mobility Exercises: Stretching and flexibility exercises to enhance the range of motion in the joints.
  • Environmental Assessments: Evaluations of the home environment to identify and mitigate potential hazards that could lead to falls.
  • Education and Training: Guidance on safe movement techniques, proper use of assistive devices, and awareness of high-risk situations.

Recovery and Maintenance

Recovering with the help of fall prevention physical therapy in Commack involves a consistent and proactive approach. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Initial Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation to identify individual risk factors and develop a personalized plan.
  • Regular Therapy Sessions: Consistent appointments to practice exercises and receive hands-on guidance.
  • Progress Monitoring: Continuous assessments to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment plan and make necessary adjustments.
  • Ongoing Support: Continued support and education to help maintain progress and prevent future falls.

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The Traveling Physical Therapist is dedicated to helping you stay safe and active through effective fall prevention strategies. Our experienced team is here to provide the highest quality care and support for your journey to better health and safety.

What Is Travel Physical Therapy?

Travel physical therapy is an innovative approach to delivering rehabilitation services directly to patients’ homes, providing a convenient and personalized way to receive care. The Traveling Physical Therapist specializes in Fall Prevention Therapy Northport, offering top-notch services to those who need physical rehabilitation but prefer the comfort and convenience of their homes.


Benefits of Travel Physical Therapy

Fall Prevention Therapy Northport

There are numerous advantages to choosing travel physical therapy services from The Traveling Physical Therapist:


    • Convenience
    • Personalized Care
    • Comfort
    • Flexible Scheduling
    • Comprehensive Services

What is In-Home Physical Therapy?

In-home physical therapy, like the services provided by The Traveling Physical Therapist, involves licensed physical therapists visiting patients in their homes to provide personalized care. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who have difficulty traveling to a clinic, those recovering from surgery, or patients with chronic conditions that limit their mobility. It allows for tailored exercise programs and functional training that can be directly applied to the patient’s daily life and living environment.


How Travel Physical Therapy Works

The Traveling Physical Therapist brings professional care to your doorstep. Here’s how the process works:

    • Initial Assessment: The therapist thoroughly evaluates the patient’s condition, goals, and home environment.
    • Customized Treatment Plan: A personalized treatment plan is developed to address the patient’s specific needs based on the assessment.
    • Regular Visits: The therapist visits the patient regularly, providing hands-on treatment, exercises, and guidance.
    • Progress Monitoring: Ongoing assessments ensure the treatment plan is effective and adjustments are made to optimize outcomes.

Why Choose The Traveling Physical Therapist?

    • Expertise: Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in various aspects of physical therapy.
    • Compassionate Care: We prioritize patient comfort and well-being, providing compassionate and respectful care.
    • Proven Results: Our services have successfully improved many patients’ mobility, strength, and overall quality of life.

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Contact The Traveling Physical Therapist today if you or a loved one needs Fall Prevention Therapy Northport. We are here to help you achieve optimal health and recovery most conveniently and comfortably possible. Schedule an appointment with us and experience the benefits of travel physical therapy.